Annual Gathering 2019

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Report of the outcome of Annual Gathering 2019

Motions & Election Results (A fuller write up and evaluation is to be provided on this webpage in due course)

1. Motion : Clarification regarding under 16’s elected to General Council
This Annual General Meeting agrees to replace SO.26 (ii) * with:
Any individual member of the organisation may stand for election to General Council in the lay category as described in SO.26 (v)(a). If any candidate under 16 is elected they shall not be eligible to sit as a General Council member and will instead be appointed as an observer to General Council. The General Council member's place that they vacate shall remain empty for 2 years unless one of the following applies:
a) The under 16 observer resigns, in which case the standard procedure for replacing a General Council member as laid down in the Articles of Association shall apply
b) The observer turns 16, at which point they take the General Council member's place that has remained empty since their election as an observer.
Not more than 5 under 16 observers may fill these places at any one time.


2. Motion: Participation of young people

This AGM agrees to give to any member under 16 present a vote of their own to use in all votes on all motions. We recognise this requires a change to the articles.

Rationale: We are an organisation that seeks to encourage the participation of young people and be led by them. We should centre their views in decision making.

  • This motion required 75% of the membership to be present to pass. As this percentage was not present it could not pass. Conference would debate the motion in an indicative discussion at the end of the meeting

3. Motion: Reacting to discussion 

This AGM agrees that all motions should be amendable following debate at annual gathering if a consensus can be reached that would enable a motion to pass rather than fall.


4. Motion: Remote Participation

This Annual General Meeting notes the 2016 motion passed to allow AGM participation without physical attendance.
This Annual General Meeting also notes the 2017 motion that was intended to take the 2016 motion in parts so delegates could choose the scope of the changes. Due to insufficient attendance the 2017 motion could not be acted upon but an indicative vote was held and the results are noted below.
This Annual General Meeting further notes that General Council Plans for remote participation were put on hold pending the trial of the re-launched Annual Gathering in 2018.
This Annual General Meeting therefore agrees to enable remote participation through allowing proxy voting as a mechanism to enable groups and districts to vote in advance.


5. Motion Increase in Group Registration Fees

This Annual General Meeting notes that:
Since 2016, Group Registration fees have been £125 per group plus £12.50 per child.
That in 2017 a motion proposed that future rises in group registration should be incremental to reflect rises in costs.
That most of the core infrastructure costs are staffing costs.
And agrees that:
Groups fees should be increased annually by Average Weekly Earnings as measured by the Office for National Statistics for the previous year, rounded down to the nearest 10p with effect from 1 Jan 2020 and on 1st Jan each year thereafter.
And agrees that:
Group fees should be increased as a one off in 2020 to “catch up”.
Groups should pay £135.20 per group and £13.50 per child from 1 Jan 2020 onwards.
And agrees that:
This AGM re-states the principle that no group or district should close due to inability to pay their registration fees.
This AGM encourages those districts which are able, to continue to make solidarity payments in addition to their registration fees to help ensure that no group closes due to lack of funds. 


6. Motion: Increase in Membership Fees 

This Annual General Meeting notes that: Since 2013, individual membership fees have been £30 (full fee) and £12 (unwaged).
That most of the core infrastructure costs are staffing costs.
That a third of our active members are unwaged.
And agrees that:
Individual membership (full) fees should be increased annually by Average Weekly Earnings as measured by the Office for National Statistics for the previous year, rounded down to the nearest 10p, with effect from 1 July 2019 and on the 1st July each year thereafter. Unwaged fees should remain static at £12.
And agrees that:
Individual membership fees should rise as a one off in 2019 to “catch up” to £34.40.


7. Motion: National Pioneer Camp 

This AGM agrees that to build friendships between children across the country they must have ample opportunity to meet. To this end a national pioneer camp should be set-up to run every 3 years. It should be able to be attended by every pioneer once as a way to strengthen bonds with the Woodcraft Folk and make friends with children from other areas that a pioneer wouldn’t otherwise get to meet.

Amendment 1 to Motion 7: this annual general meeting agrees to replace “national pioneer camp should be set up every 3 years” with “regional pioneer camps should be set up to run every year”
Replace “once” with “in that region”
Replace “other areas that a pioneer wouldn’t otherwise get to meet” with “their region, to build stronger communities within Woodcraft Folk”

Amendment to motion 7 CARRIED 

Amended motion FELL 

8. Motion Accessible Democracy 

This AGM asks General Council to work to produce a group night pack to help make motion making fun and accessible. It should tell groups how to word motions and give ideas on activities to help come up with motion ideas. We note that General Council may form an interested committee of leaders and young people to carry out this motion as they are often pressed for resource. Any activity pack should contain a jargon buster and also have fun activities to teach young people about the democracy of the Woodcraft Folk and why it is important and how it works.



9. Motion Participation of all groups

This AGM agrees that the location of all future annual gatherings shall be determined by picking the location that is the most accessible for the most groups, in line with budgets. This should be determined by distance and by public transport and by on site facilities. The AGM requests that General Council make public a document showing that this has been adhered to and the basis of decision each year.

Amendment 1 to motion 9: this annual general meeting agrees to replace the text after “This AGM agrees that” with: the 2020 annual gathering is held at the Kent County Showground alongside the Common Ground pre-camp. That future annual gatherings are held alongside the pre-camp for any National/International camp. If in any one year, there is no such camp, the location for annual gathering should be determined looking at cost and avoiding locations where annual gatherings have been held in recent years.

Amendment 1 to motion 9 CARRIED 
Amendment 2 to motion 9 FELL 
Amended motion CARRIED 

10. Motion: Action on Climate Change

This AGM agrees that all national and regional camps should be using sustainable energy sources to produce 20% of the power needed to run any such camp by 2021.
Amendment 1 to motion 10; this annual general meeting agrees to replace “20% of the power needed to run any such camp by 2021”
“100% of the electricity used on all camps as soon as possible. We propose that a lot more research should be done to explore alternatives to using gas for cooking”.
Rationale: Given that some camps already run on 100% renewable electricity the target of 20% seems very unambitious if ‘power’ means electricity.

Amendment 1 to motion 10 CARRIED 
Amended motion CARRIED 

11. Motion: Helping Others

This AGM agrees that The Woodcraft Folk should choose a yearly cause that fits within our charitable objectives and that groups should be asked to hold an event to raise money for that cause. The cause should be decided by Annual Gathering and a list of suggested activities be given to groups.


12. Motion Badge Work and accessibility

This AGM notes that the scouts and the guides are much better at making their badges fun and relevant than the Woodcraft Folk. This AGM agrees that existing badges should be updated and new ones developed to reflect the modern world we live in and equip out young people with life skills they need.
This AGM recognises that the attainment of badges can sometimes be linked to the achievement of tasks and so is not always accessible to members who are unable to perform those tasks, no matter how hard they are trying. To make sure we welcome and work with all children this annual gathering would like it acknowledged that a child may earn a badge through their efforts, regardless of end achievement. Those who try their hardest to contribute should be recognised as producing the end result.
We note that General Council may form an interested committee of leaders and young people to carry out this motion as they are often pressed for resource.
All current badges should continue in circulation until new badges or updated guidance on badge activities can be issued.


Emergency motion 1: The Environmental Emergency

This Annual General Meeting notes that, on 6 May 2019, the United Nations published its "Global Assessment Report" - a comprehensive health check on the state of our planet. The stark message is that the world's life support systems, on which humans depend, are in trouble. Remedies are possible but they require urgent, transformative actions.

This meeting additionally notes that despite the environmental emergency facing the world’s population, including the threat to those living in the UK, not enough is being done by the adults entrusted with making policy decision to address the crisis.

This Annual General Meeting therefore instructs General Council, as a matter of urgency, to:

1. Declare an environmental emergency
2. Establish and support a working group to provide educational information about the environmental crisis and how to talk about it.
3. Further task the working group to provide information and support on how groups and young people can effectively campaign on this issue.


There were no by-elections so everyone was elected for 2 years.

General Council 16-24:

  • Meena Begley
  • Robyn Lyster

General Council Lay:

  • Sapna Agarwal
  • Jeremy Hudson
  • Edmund Moriarty
  • Stanley Richardson
  • Stuart Walker

Standing Orders Committee:

  • Jeni Dixon
  • Ralph Sleigh
  • Ash Taylor

Information ahead of Annual Gathering 2019 including all papers 

Key information at a glance:

When - 21 to 23 June 2019 (arrival on Friday 21st from 6pm)

Where - Woodcraft Folk's Biblins Campsite (more information here - link opens in a new window) 

What - Click here to jump to a description of what will happen at Annual Gathering. All papers including the Final Agenda, forms, timetables and programmes are available to download at the bottom of this page.

How much:

  • Full weekend for participants 21 years and over - £60
  • Full weekend for DFs 16 - 20 years - £35 (NEW)
  • Full weekend for under 16s - £25


  • Click on this link to access the booking system
  • Booking deadline - 7 June 2019
  • Early booking discount - All bookings received before 26 April will be discounted by 10% (DEADLINE EXTENDED)
  • Late booking fee - Any bookings received after the booking deadline will include a £20 late fee
  • Please note - if you’d like to register as a representative of your district or group (ie. as a delegate who can vote), please ask your district co-ordinator to place your booking for you 
  • You will receive information about completing your booking during the booking process. A reminder of that information can also be found here (opens in a new window).


  • Fairer Fare Pool - Before booking, please check whether or not your district has to pay into the Fairer Fare Pool scheme. You can find out by looking at the Fairer Fare Pool document available here (and to download below).
  •  Click here for guidance on travel arrangements and times of shuttle bus from Monmouth Station & Hereford Station

Indoor accommodation - There are a small number of basic indoor accommodation places. These will be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you need indoor accommodation, please state this in the "Special Needs" field of the booking form.

Dates and deadlines - Click here to jump to a list of key dates and deadlines

Annual Gathering FINAL Programme - Download your copy here!!

Guide to Annual Gathering available for download here on the website. Hard copies will be available on the weekend.

Questions - If you have any questions regarding Annual Gathering, please email  

More information on Annual Gathering 2019

Annual Gathering is the democratic heart of Woodcraft Folk, where we celebrate our achievements over the past year, elect our General Council, discuss future plans for the movement, share skills & experiences, and enjoy each other’s company in true Woodcraft style.

There will be workshops and training as well as formal business using a combination of ‘open space’ and traditional motions. If you have something you think we should be discussing (whether as a motion or in a new way), please talk to your group or district co-ordinator. There will also be evening entertainment brought to you by the organisers of VCamp, and plenty of new people to meet and friends to make. 

Annual Gathering is also your chance to hear from your General Council, to hold them accountable and to elect new members. A nomination form for General Council and Standing Orders Committee (who run our internal democracy) is available to download below.

Please note, only members with delegate credentials will be able to vote.

We look forward to welcoming you at Biblins!


Key Dates and Deadlines

  • Thursday 7 March - Convening Notice 
  • Saturday 11 March - Bookings open 
  • Thursday 28  March - Motions deadline (received in writing by 12 noon)
  • Thursday 18 April - Preliminary Agenda issued
  • Friday 26 April - Earlybird booking deadline  (EXTENDED)
  • Tuesday 21 May - Amendments to Motions (received in writing by 12 noon)
  • Tuesday 21 May - Nominations deadline (12 noon)
  • Friday 7 June - Bookings deadline 
  • Friday 7 June - Final Agenda issued
  • Friday 21-Sunday 23 June - Annual Gathering
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