Annual Gathering 2018

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Report of the outcome of Annual Gathering 2018

A fuller write up and evaluation is to be provided on this webpage in due course (01 July 2018).

This year's Annual Gathering was held at our newest campsite - the wonderful Biblins - in glorious sunshine. Saturday was full of celebration of our achievements over the past year, launching our new strategic plan - which will take us through to our centenary in 2025 - and a wide range of inspiring workshops and skill-sharing sessions. 

After a great evening's entertainment - including the Lewisham & Greenwich Venturers' quiz - the stage was set on Sunday morning for the pinnacle of our internal democracy - the Annual General Meeting, where representatives from groups and districts across the country come together to set the direction of the movement, hold our General Council to account and elect new members to General Council and our Standing Orders Committee.

Company Annual General Meeting

First up, was the formal presentation of the Trustees Annual Report and accounts for 2017 and the re-appointment of our auditors, both of which were accepted by the meeting.

Annual Policy Meeting

This year we discussed four motions - all submitted by Venturers or DFs - and one emergency motion submitted by a Pioneer group.

Motion 1: Passed as amended

Supporting participation by menstruating people

This Annual General Meeting recognises that menstruation is a normal part of life and that adequate arrangements should be made for this at Woodcraft Folk events to enable full participation for people menstruating.
We therefore ask General Council to ensure that guidelines are prepared for groups to:

  1. make provision for this, which would include sanitary bins and menstrual products available for anyone in need;
  2. guidance on how to facilitate open conversations about menstruation.

Motion 2: Passed as amended

Integration of isolated groups

This Annual General Meeting calls on General Council to develop and execute a specific strategy to encourage more isolated districts to become integrated with wider Woodcraft. In the development of the strategy General Council is required to look for barriers to integration and what kind of activities groups want to join in on.

Motion 3: Passed as amended

Diversity in decision-making process

This Annual General Meeting demands greater social, racial and gender diversity at all levels of the Woodcraft decision-making process. We call on General Council to develop and execute a specific strategy to increase the diversity of members engaging with the Woodcraft Folk decision-making process. This strategy shall not put the burden of diversity onto currently underrepresented groups. Instead it should focus on what overrepresented groups can do to be more encouraging and open.

Motion 4: Passed as amended

Establish a fund to support attendance at AGM

This Annual General Meeting notes the barrier of cost to attendance at Annual Gathering.
This Annual General Meeting also notes that for the organisation to fulfil its objective of being youth-led, young people should be able to attend the AGM. To reduce this barrier General Council will set up a fund that any member of the movement may apply to, funding their space at that year’s Annual Gathering. The money within this fund shall be given by groups and districts who feel they are financially able to ‘sponsor’ a young person's attendance at AGM.

Emergency Motion: Passed

Trump Visit

This Conference notes:

  • The appalling treatment of migrants and refugees, especially of migrant children, imposed by the Trump administration in the US;
  • The many other actions and policies of the Trump administration which are totally at odds with Woodcraft Folk’s Aims, Principles and values;
  • That these actions and policies are encouraging islamaphobic, racist, sexist, homophobic etc. forces in the UK and continental Europe to act along the same lines;
  • Woodcraft Folk’s proud history of supporting refugees and migrants, especially children;
  • The widespread and broad-based opposition to Trump’s visit to the UK on 12/13/14th July.

This conference considers that Woodcraft Folk participation in protests against the Trump visit and against child detentions would promote both our Aims, Principles and values and our long-term aim of being more widely known and understood.

This conference therefore instructs General Council to fully support protests against the Trump visit and against child detentions, to encourage all Woodcraft Folk members, both young people and adults, to participate in appropriate and safe ways and to add Woodcraft Folk’s name and/or logo to any appropriate publicity or statements, provided that any statement etc. is compatible with our charitable status.

Election to General Council

Elected to serve for two years in the 16-24 category:

  • Pip Sayers
  • Zeph Deakin

Elected to serve for two years in the lay category:

  • Tom Brooks
  • Jack Brown
  • Elliot Francis-Hewitt
  • Jack Walker

Elected to serve for two years as an official observer:

  • Kerry Stapleton

(Venturers can be elected to General Council, but cannot legally become Directors and Trustees until they turn 16 - on their 16th birthday they move from official observer to lay category)

Election to Standing Orders Committee


  • Alicia Francis
  • David Neibig
  • Mia Neibig
  • Richard Kirkwood
  • Iris Watson

Congratulations to those who were elected and thanks to all those who stood.

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Information provided ahead of Annual Gathering 2018

Please join us for the 2018 Annual Gathering - the democratic heart of Woodcraft Folk, where we celebrate our achievements over the past year, elect our General Council, discuss future plans for the movement, share skills & experiences, and enjoy each other’s company in true Woodcraft style.

This year we’ll be building on our recent experiments with different meeting format and bringing our formal and informal business together in one Gathering on the weekend of 22-24 June at our wonderful new campsite – Biblins – in the beautiful Wye Valley.

In addition to agreeing the strategic plan that will take us through to our centenary in 2025, there will be workshops and training as well as formal business using a combination of ‘open space’ and traditional motions. If you have something you think we should be discussing (whether as a motion or in a new way), please talk to your group or district co-ordinator.

All the details of the weekend, including timetable, programme and AGM papers are attached below.

Bookings are now open. All bookings received before the 19 April will be subject to 10% discount. Any received after the booking deadline (7 June) will include a £20 late fee. The cost to attend to attend Annual Gathering this year is: 

  • Full weekend - 16 and over  £60 
  • Full weekend  - Under 16     £25 
  • Day rate - 16 and over £30 per day
  • Day rate - Under 16 £12.50 per day

Click here to book your place at this year's Annual Gathering [link disabled]

Annual Gathering is also your chance to hear from your General Council, to hold them accountable and to elect new members. A nomination form for General Council and Standing Orders Committee (who run our internal democracy) is attached below.

We look forward to welcoming you to Biblins!

Key Dates and Deadlines

  • Thursday 1 March - Bookings Open
  • Thursday 15 March - Motions deadline (received in writing by 12 noon)
  • Thursday 12 April - Preliminary Agenda issued
  • Thursday 19 April - Earlybird bookings deadline (12 noon)
  • Thursday 17 May - Amendments to Motions (received in writing by 12 noon)
  • Thursday 17 May - Nominations deadline (12 noon)
  • Thursday 7 June - Bookings deadline (12 noon)
  • Friday 8 June - Final Agenda issued
  • Friday 22-Sunday 24 June - Annual Gathering

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