Annual Gathering 2017

In 2017, Annual Gathering took place in two parts - Folk Assembly and our Annual General Meeting.

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Information about the outcome of our Annual General Meeting 2017

The Woodcraft Folk AGM 2017 was held on Saturday, 23rd September, at the Birmingham Midland Institute.

The meeting was intended to pass the Annual Report and Financial Statements, to elect General Council and Standing Order Committee members and to consider proposed Motions.

After the opening address by Lloyd Russell Moyle, newly appointed MP and member of Woodcraft Folk, the Annual Report and Financial Statements were passed and the elections were held.

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Information provided before our Annual General Meeting 2017

This years AGM on Saturday 23 September 2017, 10am-4pm. The meeting will be held at the Birmingham & Midland Institute, 9 Margaret St, Birmingham B3 3BS

The AGM is your opportunity discuss & vote on motions and hear about our achievements in the past year, hold the General Council to account and elect new members to the General Council. This event is free to attend. Refreshments will be available throughout the day, but you will need to bring a packed lunch.

All documentation relating to the event is attached below. 

To make a booking please click 'BOOK' below. You will need to be logged on to the website to continue to the next page.

Please remember all delegates will need to complete a 'Delegate Registration' [link disabled] form in addition to their online booking.

Please also remember that following the 'in principle' decision taken by Annual Gathering in 2013 and the formal rules change adopted by the AGM in 2016, proxy votes can only be used formal company business (i.e. approving the accounts and electing General Council). If you want your group or district to have a vote on the motions, you need to have a delegate in the room.



Useful papers & Mailings:

A full set of papers can be downloaded from the list at the bottom of this page.

Key dates for your diary:

8 June - Convening notice published
24 June - Bookings open for AGM
29 June - Motions Deadline (12noon)
13 July - Preliminary Agenda published
17 August - GC & Standing Orders Nominations deadline & Amendment to motions deadline
7 September - Booking Deadline (EXTENDED UNTIL THURSDAY 14 SEPTEMBER)
8 September - Final Agenda published 

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Information about the outcome of Folk Assembly 2017

Members from across the UK gathered at Leeds for our second Folk Assembly. The weekend was a great hit with everyone involved and we’ve seen a lot of brilliant feedback. A special thanks goes out to Leeds for hosting and entertaining us so well. And we would also like to thank all those volunteers who put on workshops, ran the kitchen and provided a great menu and those who ran the creche and children's programme. 

Highlights of the weekend included some great storytelling from Eden Ballantyne that had young and old spellbound, a performance by a choir from Leeds singing songs that Woodcraft members knew and could sing along to and a visit from member, Alex Sobel, who was recently elected a Labour MP.

For more information see  

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Information provided before Folk Assembly 2017

This year's Folk Assembly will be held at the Bramhope Campsite in Leeds on the 23rd - 25th June 2017.

Folk Assembly is a gathering of Woodcraft Folk members from all over the country to share skills, discuss the things that

matter and enjoy each other's company. The event will include:

  • Open space discussion
  • Training and structured workshops
  • Skill Sharing 
  • Social activities 

To see the draft programme click HERE!!!

How to book

The prices for Folk Assembly 2017 are the same as last year. Though this time round we have included a day rate for those who wish to come along for the day. 

  • Under 16’s participants fee is £25
  • Over 16’s participants fee is £60
  • Day Visitor Under 16 £12.50 
  • Day Visitor Over 16 £30.00 

All completed bookings received by Thursday 27th April will be eligible for a 10% discount. Bookings received after Thursday 25th May will be subject to an admin charge of £20 per person. To make your booking please click the link below.

Click here to book your place at Folk Assembly [link disabled]

We’ll be operating a Fairer Fare pool at this year’s Folk Assembly. For more detail click here.

Who to Contact

If you've any questions regarding your Folk Assembly booking please email

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1 - Cover letter for final agenda AG17.pdf189.58 KB
2 - Programme - Woodcraft Folk AGM 2017.pdf109.08 KB
3 - Final Agenda - Woodcraft Folk AGM 2017.pdf133.64 KB
4 - Minutes of Woodcraft Folk AGM 2016.pdf213.49 KB
5 - Update on Motions Passed at AGM 2016.pdf106.89 KB
6.a - Trustees Annual Report 2016.pdf500.79 KB
6.b - Woodcraft Folk Statutory Accounts 2016.pdf230.68 KB
7 - List of Groups which opened or closed in 2016.pdf472.57 KB
8 - Elections at Annual Gathering 2017.pdf535.14 KB
2_Nomination_Form_AGM_2017.pdf1.07 MB
2 - Nomination Form - Annual Gathering 2017.docx670.31 KB
0_Cover_letter_for_convening_notice_AGM17.pdf756.8 KB
1_Convening_notice_AGM_2017 (1).pdf54.91 KB
Delegate Registration Form 2017.docx29.8 KB
Delegate Registration Form 2017.pdf202.03 KB
Preliminary Agenda - Woodcraft Folk AGM 2017_0.pdf132.99 KB
Folk Assembly - Website version Folk Assembly 2017 draft programme.pdf142.27 KB
Folk Assembly - 5 - Fairer Fare Pool Bramhope 2017.pdf118.78 KB