Annual Gathering 2016

In 2016, Annual Gathering took place in two parts - Folk Assembly and our Annual General Meeting.

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Information about the outcome of our Annual General Meeting 2016

See below the results from this years Annual General Meeting held on the 24th September 2016. Full wording of motions can be found here on our website. 

Any questions regarding the AGM contact

Motion 1

This Annual General Meeting agrees to replace SO.7(ii) with:
SO.7(ii) Motions to alter the Standing Orders will be accepted every third year. Motions to alter the Articles of Association and the Aims, Principles and Programme will be accepted every year
This Annual General Meeting agrees to remove SO.8(i) and renumber.

SO.7 (ii) in its current form is incompatible with company law and therefore potentially confusing to people unfamiliar with Woodcraft's governing documents

SO.8(i) is incompatible with company law and therefore pointless.

Proposed by: General Council 

Motion 1 - PASSED 

Motion 2 

This Annual General Meeting agrees to insert a new SO.8 into the Standing Orders and renumber accordingly:
SO.8 Annual Policy Meeting

An Annual Policy Meeting shall be held in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting

  • i. The Annual Policy Meeting shall not be a General Meeting for the purposes of the Companies Act
  • ii. The Annual Policy Meeting shall observe the Standing Orders for an Annual General Meeting except as follows:
  • a. No delegate shall hold more than one voting card.
  • b. Motions and Amendments to the Annual Policy Meeting may be proposed by General Council, District Associations, Groups, District Fellows Althing, Venturer Committee, District Fellows Committee, Regional Conferences, Annual General Meetings and Annual Policy Meetings.

Rationale: There are currently no written rules governing the non-company meeting. Adding this new Standing Order formalises the existence of the non-company meeting in part (i) and lays out the rules for that meeting in (ii): (a) is the ban on proxies, (b) copies the proposal rights for such a meeting from the Governing Documents of the old organisation but changes some names as appropriate and adds Venturer Committee to the list in accordance with Motion 1 from 2014.

Proposed by: General Council

Motion 2 - PASSED

Motion 3:
This Annual General Meeting agrees to replace SO.2 with the following:
SO.2 Standing Orders Committee

  • (i) There shall be a Standing Orders Committee, which shall apply these rules as necessary. Members of this committee may not be General Meeting delegates.
  • (ii) The Standing Orders Committee shall be composed of 6 members, 3 elected each Annual Conference for a period of two years. The General Secretary or representative of the General Secretary shall act as ex-officio secretary to the Committee. The Standing Orders Committee shall be elected in the same manner that General Council Members are elected.

Rationale: The current SO.2 references a non-existent part of the Governing Documents with regards to the election of Standing Orders Committee Members. This motion removes the erroneous reference and adds the rules from the old organisation into the current Governing Documents.

Proposed by: General Council

Motion 3 - PASSED


Motion 4:
This Annual General Meeting agrees to amend DEF.2 in the Aims, Principles and Programme as follows:
Replace DEF.2 (i) with:
“DEF.2 (i)
Individual young members shall be all people who attend a registered group and will be required to pay an initial joining fee of £10 per member to the National Office where details of each member will be recorded. This amount to be amended each year at Annual General Meeting.”
Replace FIN.2 with

  • i. Initial membership of the Woodcraft Folk should be paid to the Central office as a contribution to the running of the organisation
  • ii. Group registration should be paid annually through the District Association where one exists. In the case of hardship an appeal may be made to the General Council, through the District Association, where one exists.
  • iii. Affiliated groups should pay an annual membership fee to the central office and receive information about the organisation and special events. This list to be published each year at the Annual General Meeting.
  • iv. Adult membership should be paid annually by direct debit where possible. Adults to be encouraged to donate additional funds to assist with our development programme.”

Each young person become a registered direct member of Woodcraft Folk by joining and paying a one-off fee. Initially this will involve all young members paying a fee of £10 per member for 2017.

  1. The group registration fee to be £50 for 2017.
  2. The fee for affiliated groups to be £25 for 2017.

Rationale: This will:

  • 1. Build a sense of ownership and belonging amongst all of our members.
  • 2. Build a database with massive campaigning potential.
  • 3. Generate funds more evenly towards paying for the national organisation and take the burden of finance away from Group leaders whose prime task is to provide a social education programme for members.
  • 4. The shortfall in the following year’s income to be raised by asking for donations from those who can afford it and to seek alternative ways of bringing in income from other sources. Direct office time to meeting these objectives.

Proposed by: Southwark District

Motion 4 - FELL 


Motion 5: 

The Annual General Meeting agrees that each young person shall become a registered direct member of Woodcraft Folk by joining and paying a one-off fee (the Aims, Principles and Programme to be amended as appropriate).
This will:

  • 1. Build a sense of ownership and belonging amongst those young people;
  • 2. Build a database with massive campaigning potential;
  • 3. Generate revenue (can help in review of membership fees).

Proposed by: Newham Watersmeet 

Motion 5 - FELL 

Motion 6:
This Annual General Meeting agrees that future Annual General Meetings will, if possible, allow participation without physical attendance. Appropriate systems will be put in place to ensure all groups are able to engage without necessarily travelling to the meeting.

Proposed by: General Council

Motion 6 - PASSED 

Motion 7:
This Annual General Meeting agrees that Woodcraft Folk will proactively support vulnerable communities by targeting children from these communities for recruitment. This contributes to our commitment in our Bigger and Better plan to “reach out to new communities”.

We will set up a working group reporting to General Council for this purpose.
This group will collate and create resources for groups to tackle discrimination and build inclusive groups.
This group will host an on-line forum for members to share challenges and successes, support each other and develop good practice.

Each group and district will be required to plan how they will increase engagement from vulnerable communities.

Proposed by: Newham Watersmeet

Motion 7 - PASSED 

Motion 8:

This Annual General Meeting enthusiastically welcomes discussions at Folk Assembly about organising an international camp in 2020. International camps let you make new friends from around the world and learn about other cultures. This Annual General Meeting encourages camp organisers to support districts and members to share ideas to ensure the camp is as good as it can be for everyone. We welcome the involvement of Elfins and Pioneers at Folk Assembly to make it a camp for all Woodcraft ages and thanks Tom Brooks and Naomi Wilkins for volunteering to start this process. This Annual General Meeting instructs the organisers of International Camp 2020 to continue to involve Elfins and Pioneers to ensure it is a camp for all Woodcraft ages and calls on Elfin and Pioneer leaders to get involved in the planning of the camp.

Proposed by: Machynlleth Pioneers

Motion 8 - Reverted by back to General Council 


Result from the General Council and Standing Orders election 

General Council: 

  • Pat Hunter was re-elected
  • Tom Brooks was re-elected
  • Sonia Kelly was elected
  • Jack Walker was elected
  • James Bowring was elected
  • Sax Rendell was elected 16-24 yrs

Standing Orders Committee:

  • Ash Taylor 
  • Richard Kirkwood 
  • David Neibig 

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Information about the outcome of Folk Assembly 2016

Members from across the UK gathered at a camp site in Youlbury near Oxford for the first ever Woodcraft Folk, Folk Assembly. The weekend was very productive and a great time was had by all. 

It was a great opportunity to meet new friends and old and to share experiences, participate in workshop and open space discussion and not to mention dancing late into the night. All the workshops proved to be very productive and we all left with lots of ideas and resources to bring back to our Districts. 

The splitting of the Gathering (an informal conference event) from the formal Meeting in September gave us the opportunity to collaborate in putting motions together for the Annual General Meeting.  One of the lessons learned at the weekend was that not every action requires a Motion to be discussed by the whole movement and enthusiastic members can collaborate and make things happen. 

For more information see

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Information provided before Folk Assembly 2016

As an experiment, this year we are splitting the traditional Annual Gathering into a less formal Folk Assembly in July and a formal AGM in September.

This years Folk Assembly will be at the Youlbury Scout Centre in Oxford from the 8-10 July. It will be a gathering of Woodcraft Folk members from all over the country where we'll share skills, discuss the things that matter to us and enjoy each others company.

The informal gathering will consist of several strands:

  • Discussions and skill-sharing
  • Training and structured worshops
  • Open space facilitated by the DFs
  • Community Space and Cafe 

Help shape your Folk Assembly

This is your Folk Assembly - let us know what you want to get out of it. Hundreds of Woodies in one place for a weekend without the constraints of formal business presents a huge opportunity. Should we run the whole weekend as an Open Space? Or a mix of structured and unstructured programme.

What do you want to discuss, share, learn about? What can you offer? A workshop, games, entertainment...

Please leave your comments below, or join the discussion in our Facebook group or email suggestions to 

How to Book?  

We're pleased to announce the prices for Folk Assembly 2016 are cheaper than Annual Gathering has been for the past six years: 

  • Under 16's particpant fee is £25 
  • Over 16's particpiant fee is £60 

All completed bookings received by Tuesday 17th May will be eligible for a 10% discount. Bookings received after Thursday 23rd June will be subject to an admin charge of £20 per person.  

To make your booking please click the link below. 

Fare Pool

We will be operating a Fairer Fare Pool at this year's Folk Assembly. Click here to see further information. It is important to establish whether or not your district have to pay in to the scheme before continuing your booking. 

Who to Contact 

If you have any questions regarding your Folk Assembly booking email

*BOOK NOW* [link disabled]

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