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Information on Annual Gathering 2015

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Information about the outcome of Annual Gathering 2015

Woodcraft Folk Annual Conference held on Sunday 20th September 2015 at the Walesby Forest Scout Site. Draft summary ofOutcome of Motions & Election results. The complete Final Agenda can be found here

Motions 2015

Motion 1-Group Registration Fees 2016 (applicable to all groups other than DFs)

  1. To formally thank those groups and districts which responded to the request of the 2014 Annual Meeting to contribute more than the minimum registration fee.
  2. To set the minimum registration fee from 2016 at £125 plus £12.50 per child or young person, raising an average of £300 per group and thus enabling Woodcraft Folk to become self-sustaining.
  3. To offer support to all groups and districts with local fundraising, which is often easier to secure and has less restrictions than large national grants.
  4. To put in place a new solidarity system to ensure that new groups continue to pay reduced fees for their first year and that no groups are forced to close due to inability to pay their group registration fees.#

Proposed and seconded by: General Council 

Amendment 1 to Motion 1 Proposed and seconded by: Azania Pioneers
Decision: Amendment 1 to Motion 1 fell 

Amendment 2 to Motion 1
Proposed by: Ealing & Hammersmith District

Decision: Conference agreed to take the amendment in 3 parts.
2a to postpone the increase until 2017 – Fell 
2b to enable District to pay in instalments - Carried 
2c Groups to be considered registered once they had paid half - Fell

Amendment 3 to Motion 1 Proposed and seconded by: Azania Pioneers
Decision Amendment 3 to Motion 1 - Fell


Motion 2- First aid provision

This Annual General Meeting recognises that first aid provision is an important part of safeguarding.
Therefore it mandates that all events should have at least one first aider who is clearly indicated and visible, and a rota for sober first aiders.
This Annual General Meeting further agrees that all people attending an overnight stay, including adults, should have a written health form.
Furthermore this Annual General Meeting instructs General Council to write a first aid policy to ensure that this is followed consistently.

Proposed and seconded by: Liverpool Venturers

Amendment 1 to Motion 2
Replace paragraph four with:

“This Annual General Meeting instructs General Council to review our existing Health & Safety Policy and ensure that best practice is shared throughout the movement.”

Proposed and seconded by: General Council
Decision: Amendment 1 to Motion 2 carried


Motion 3-Meeting spaces

This Annual General Meeting recognises that inclusion is part of Woodcraft Folks aims and principles and motion 4, passed at the Annual General Meeting in 2014, encouraged us to improve our youth engagement.
Therefore this Annual General Meeting recommends that all meetings should be held in a space open to all and that spaces such as pubs are not suitable.

Proposed and seconded by: Liverpool Venturers


Emergency motion 1-Safeguarding

Never Assume

This Annual General Meeting reiterates Woodcraft Folk’s commitment to safeguarding all members. In the light of a recent safeguarding incident Woodcraft Folk would like to remind all of its members of the need for prompt sharing of information through the local and lead safeguarding officers and of the necessity for all groups to adopt a vigilant approach in updating safeguarding training.

Woodcraft Folk apologises to any survivor who has been caused extra distress as a result of the delayed reaction of our organisation due to the failure of some members to follow our safeguarding procedures.

Never assume that the right person knows. Always share information and any concerns with
Woodcraft Folk’s Safeguarding Checklist requires all groups and Districts to:

  • Identify a named Local Safeguarding Officer, who should have the contact details of the Local Safeguarding Children Board
  • Agree a Local Safeguarding Plan, which is reviewed annually and shared with all volunteers

  • Have safeguarding as a standing agenda item for all planning and District meetings
  • Support all volunteers to complete appropriate safeguarding training
  • Make sure individuals who volunteer once a month or more become members of Woodcraft Folk
  • Follow Woodcraft Folk Vetting Procedures
  • Gather medical and consent forms for all children and volunteers, at least annually

Annual Gathering instructs General Council to ensure that all members are reminded of how to respond to safeguarding concerns.

Online training is available at:

Proposed and seconded by General Council


Emergency motion 2-Refugee Crisis

This Annual General Meeting notes:

  • The recent dramatic deaths of refugees, including children, seeking to claim asylum in the UK and other EU countries
  • Woodcraft Folk's proud record of support for refugees

This AGM deplores the failure of European governments, particularly the UK government, to offer asylum to those seeking it and the creation of barriers, both physical and organisational, designed to prevent refugees reaching their proposed destinations.

This AGM demands that the UK government offers asylum to all those claiming it.

This AGM instructs General Council on behalf of Woodcraft Folk nationally, and strongly urges local Districts and Groups to participate in campaigns in support of refugees, including where appropriate offering practical help.

This AGM strongly urges all groups, with support from General Council, to include educational material on refugees in their programme for the coming term.

Proposed & Seconded by: Eagle Owls Pioneers (Hackney)

Decision: Conference agreed to discuss the motion with following amendment. Remove the line ‘This AGM demands that the UK government offers asylum to all those claiming it.’


Election Results

General Council:


  • Tom Gower
  • Laura Hallsworth
  • Josh Hope Collins
  • Ralph Sleigh
  • Stuart Walker


  • Millie Burgh
  • Naomi Wilkins

Standing Orders Committee:

  • Ellen Robertson
  • Isabel Stewart
  • Ash Taylor
  • Paul Titcher

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Information provided before Annual Gathering 2015


This is the page where you can find everything related to Annual Gathering 2015.

Annual Gathering 2015, the main democratic event in Woodcraft Folk's calendar, will be held on 18-20 September at Walesby Forest Outdoor Activity Centre, Nottinghamshire NG22 9NG.

All Woodcraft Folk members are welcome at Annual Gathering. Please log on to the website before making your booking and ensure you read the guidance [link disabled].

** BOOK NOW ** [link disabled]

Bookings still open

Please note that any bookings received after 31 July will be subject to a £20 admin charge, and bookings on the day of Annual Gathering will be subject to a £100 charge.

What's happening at Gathering

Friday Evening - arrive, campfire, storytelling (90 years of Woodcraft Folk)

Saturday Morning - Opening Circle, sharing and celebration of achievements, looking forwards

Saturday Afternoon - Workshops and "Open Space"/"World Cafe" style discussions on sustainability of Woodcraft Folk

Saturday Evening - Socialising, Entertainment

Sunday Morning - formal business, including Trustees Report and Accounts, Elections and Motions

Sunday lunchtime - strike camp, closing circle, depart

Final Agenda Mailing

Preliminary Agenda Mailing

Convening Notice Mailing

To nominate someone for election

Nominations close at 12noon on Thursday 13 August - see Nomination Form.

Motions & Amendments

Please see the Preliminary Agenda for details of the motions submitted to this year's Annual Conference. The deadline for submitting amendments to motions is 12noon, Thursday 13 August - please email amendments to Motions are the most formal, but not the only way to put issues on the agenda at Annual Gathering. If you would like to raise an issue and are not sure whether a motion is the best way to do this, please contact the General Secretary - If you would like assistance in drafting a motion, please contact Standing Orders Committee -

Site Address

Walesby Forest Outdoor Activity Centre

Brake Road
NG22 9NG


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