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Information on Annual Gathering 2014

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Information about the outcome of Annual Gathering 2014

See below the outcome of the motions & elections at this years Annual Gathering 2014: 

Motion 1-Venturer Committee

This Annual General Meeting recognises the important development of Venturer Committee in Woodcraft's democratic structures and moves that any future policy defining who can propose motions and nominate candidates for election at Annual Gathering should include Venturer Committee on a par with other national committees in Woodcraft Folk, namely DF Committee and General Council.

Proposed by: Machynlleth Venturer Group



Motion 2-Group Registration fee 2015

This Annual General Meeting agrees:

  1. To set the minimum registration fee from 2015 at £54 plus £6.50 per child or young person.
  2. To formally thank those groups and districts which responded to the request of the 2013 Annual Meeting to contribute more than the minimum registration fee.
  3. To continue to request that groups who can afford it make a donation in addition to their registration fee.

This meeting hopes that these donations will bring groups' contributions to the national movement as
close to £300 as they can afford. This meeting welcomes donations of any size.

Proposed and seconded by: General Council


Motion 3-Anti Racism

Amended Motion reads as:

This Annual General Meeting notes:
1. The disturbing rise of racist and anti-immigrant movements and parties across Europe and in the UK, the clear evidence of continuing racism in the UK and especially the impact that the spread of these ideas will have on children.
2. Woodcraft Folk’s successful participation in the UN anti-racism day event in March. This meeting re-affirms Woodcraft Folk’s commitment to inclusion, diversity and multi-culturalism and our opposition to all forms of racism and discrimination.

This meeting is concerned that:
3. Woodcraft Folk currently has no educational materials that systematically deal with anti-racism and multi-culturalism.
4. Some Districts and Groups have problems reflecting the diversity of their local communities especially in relation to participation in Woodcraft Folk of people from Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities.

Therefore this meeting instructs General Council to set up a working group to:

  1.  Develop anti-racist and pro-multicultural educational materials.
  2. Set up a system to spread best practice and offer advice and support to Districts and Groups to help increase diversity, particularly in terms of increasing participation of those from BME communities.

Proposed by: Hackney District
Seconded by: Hackney Eagle Owls Pioneers
Amendment proposed by: General Council

Amendment accepted by the proposer


Motion 4-Youth Participation

This Annual General Meeting:

1. Believes that children and young people should be at the heart of everything in Woodcraft Folk, and that adult volunteers should support them to:

  • Engage in programme planning
  • Participate in decision making on a local, regional and national level
  • Peer facilitate activities, even contributing to the programme of other age groups
  • Influence policy and strategy development

2. Welcomes the Youth Participation Policy drafted by the TREE Steering Group and adopted by General Council in May 2014.
3. Calls upon the whole movement to take up the challenge and strive to achieve the vision for youth participation as described in the Youth Participation Policy statement.
4. Requires all Woodcraft Folk committees to set appropriate inclusion targets for the active engagement of children and young people.
5. Requests that Venturer Committee take a lead in monitoring the implementation of the Youth Participation Policy, holding General Council and the wider movement to account.

Supporting information

The Youth Participation Policy statement was drafted by members of the TREE Steering Group with the aim of keeping youth participation firmly on our organisational agenda at the end of the 5 year TREE programme.

The Statement calls upon the whole movement to ensure we remain committed to the active and meaningful engagement of children in young people in shaping their Woodcraft Folk experience.

Proposed by: Hebden Bridge District
Seconded by: Banbury District


Motion 5 -Leadership Recognition

This Annual General Meeting notes that:

  1. Woodcraft Folk does not offer consistent training for leaders across the movement.
  2. Woodcraft Folk lacks internal recognition of the leadership skills developed in the organisation and does not provide a structure for leaders to demonstrate these leadership skills externally.
  3. Woodcraft Folk needs an organisation-wide structured induction and training programme for all leaders in order to retain leaders and ensure minimum quality standards across all Woodcraft Folk groups.
  4. General Council agreed a set of leadership standards in October 2008, as a result of a workshop at Annual Gathering 2008, but there has been no systematic attempt to implement these standards.

This Annual General Meeting resolves to:

  1. Commit to the creation of a leadership recognition programme to support our leaders and programme, which can be implemented locally, regionally and online.
  2. Establish a working group by January 2015 that will develop the content of the leadership training, quality standards and recognition of the programme, building on the leadership standards agreed by General Council.
  3. Undertake a consultation, led by the working group, on the content of the leadership programme with the membership.
  4. Launch the first version of the leadership programme by September 2016.

Proposed by: Eagle Owl Pioneers (Hackney)
Seconded by: Forrest Pioneers (Exeter)



Emergency Motion-on Gaza/Palestine

This Annual General Meeting condemns the current Israeli attacks on Gaza, which have led to over 2000 civilian deaths between 8 July and 22 August, including many hundreds of children and young people, and to the destruction of hospitals, schools and universities which serve these children and young people.
This conference calls on all parties to the conflict to cease military action.

This conference notes:

  1. Woodcraft Folk’s continuing links with our IFM sister organisations in Palestine – Independence Youth Union and Independence Youth Forum – and the need to show them our support and solidarity
  2. Woodcraft Folk’s policy (as determined by AG 2010) that “calls upon Woodcraft Folk at all levels to boycott Israeli goods until the blockade (of Gaza) is removed”
  3. That Woodcraft Folk has not to date had any organised public presence in relation to the current conflict

This conference therefore:

  1. Encourages all Woodcraft Folk members to become involved in local and national campaigns for peace in the region, in support of the people of Gaza and Palestine, including having an organised presence at large-scale demonstrations and rallies
  2. Calls for all Woodcraft Folk members to support BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) towards Israel until the occupation of Palestine ends
  3. Encourages groups and districts to carry out educational work with children and young people based on Woodcraft Folk’s positions on Palestine
  4. Encourages all Woodcraft Folk members to lobby their MPs to put a stop to the UK government’s arms trading with Israel and to take action to end the siege of Gaza


Full wording of all motions can be found in the final agenda

Election Results 2014 

General Council 

Pat Hunter  - Boveney District (lay member)

Roland Susman -  Brighton Central & Hove District (lay member) 

Tom Gaffikin - Highgate & Holloway District (lay member) 

Mellisa March - Leicestershire District (lay member) 

Standing Orders Committee 

David Neibig - Newcastle Upn Tyne District 

Richard Kirkwood - Hackney District 

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Information provided before Annual Gathering 2014

Annual Gathering 2014, the main democratic event in Woodcraft Folk's calendar, will be held on 19-21 September at:

Woodrow High House,
Cherry Lane,

All Woodcraft Folk members are welcome at Annual Gathering. Please log on to the website before making your booking and ensure to the read guidance

** BOOK NOW ** [link disabled]

The bookings deadline is Thursday 17 July. Please note that any bookings received after 17 July will be subject to a £20 admin charge, and bookings on the day of Annual Gathering will be subject to a £100 charge.

Final Agenda Mailing - All the documents you need for Annual Gathering:

Useful resources for getting involved with Annual Gathering:


To nominate someone for election 

Nominations close at 12noon on Thursday 21 August - see Nomination Form.



The deadline for submitting amendments to motions is 12noon, Thursday 21 August - you can see the full list of motions in the preliminary agenda. Motions are the most formal, but not the only way to put issues on the agenda at Annual Gathering. If you would like to raise an issue and are not sure whether a motion is the best way to do this, please contact the General Secretary - If you would like assistance in drafting a motion, please contact Standing Orders Committee -

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