Annual Gathering 2013

Information on Annual Gathering 2013

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Information on outcome of Annual Gathering 2013

Annual Gathering 2013, the main democratic event in Woodcraft Folk's calendar, was held on April 26th - 28th at:

Bradley Wood Campsite & Activity Centre,
Shepherds Thorn Lane,

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Information provided before Annual Gathering 2013

All Woodcraft Folk members are welcome at Annual Gathering. The bookings deadline has now passed. Please note that any bookings received after March 29th will be subject to a £20 admin charge, and bookings on the day of Annual Gathering will be subject to a £100 charge.

Useful resources for getting involved with Annual Gathering:

To nominate someone for election 

Nominations have been re-opened - see the Election Information pack and Nomination Form.


Read and comment on motions here:

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AG2013 - Motion 1: Timetable for Annual Gathering

AG2013 - Motion 2: Reform of General Council and Creation of a Folk Assembly

AG2013 - Motion 3: System for Elections to General Council

AG2013 - Motion 4: Redefining 'Kinsfolk'

AG2013 - Motion 5: Campaign Against Miltary Recruitment in Schools

AG2013 - Motion 6: Individual and Group Membership Fees

AG2013 - Motion 7: Individual Membership Fees

AG2013 - Motion 8: Group Registration Fees 2014 (applicable to all groups other than DFs)

AG2013 - Motion 9: Friends of the Folk

AG2013 - Motion 10: DF Five Year Membership

AG2013 - Motion 11: Badges for Group Members

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DRAFT Minutes of Woodcraft Folk Annual Gathering 2013.pdf165.48 KB
Minutes of Woodcraft Folk Annual Gathering 2013 - Appendix 1 - Election results in detail.pdf310.64 KB
Annual Gathering 2013 - Timetable (v4).pdf139.54 KB
Annual Gathering Workshop Programme final.pdf174.77 KB
Cover letter for final agenda AG13.pdf318.35 KB
Draft Minutes of Annual Gathering 2012 (final).pdf580.3 KB
Finalagenda-2013.pdf380.83 KB
Woodcraft Folk (1073665) Audited Accounts 2012.pdf306.18 KB
Bigger and Better - Strategic Plan 2013-18.pdf824.23 KB
Elections at Annual Gathering 2013.pdf298.76 KB
Elections to join the Folk Supply Committee.pdf318.83 KB
Covering letter - preliminary agenda 2013.pdf166.27 KB
Preliminaryagenda-2013.pdf359.77 KB
Groups opened & closed 2012.pdf60.68 KB