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DF Cafe at Common Ground

12 March 2020 - 3:39pm

DFs are running a cafe at Common Ground International Camp. It will be a space for people to hang out and learn about DFs over a drink and a nibble (biscuits, cakes, snacks). There will be a bit of programme, including some evening activities, and plenty of free time to unwind.

We’re looking for volunteers to help us pour drinks, serve food and talk to people about DFs. No experience is required. With shifts just 3 hours long, it will be a nice, easygoing job and a great way to meet other young people.

If you want to help, please fill out the form below.



Woodcraft Folk\'s yearly meeting which aims to pass motions to affect the direction of the movement. It is a two day long event with workshops and discussions.

Other terms linked to Annual Gathering include: Althing


Vacant Roles, Including Shadow Treasurer

25 February 2020 - 7:26pm

Do you want DFs to run an event based on the Bake Off? Want to get a group of London DFs together to plan how to oppose the arms trade? Maybe you want to work with Venturers and see how we can collaborate to help run a Venturer Camp 2021 that is remembered for years to come? What about planning trainings across the country to help DFs become qualified in first aid, legal observation or effective forms of protest? We have some opportunities for you!

If you want to nominate yourself for one of the following roles please fill in the form below or email with your hustings. Deadline is Fri 6th March 2020. If no one stands we will reopen nominations.

  • Shadow Treasurer
  • Shadow Events
  • Training
  • London Liaison
  • Venturer Liaison

Having a role within the movement is a opportunity to gain experience and skills in everything from logistics to financial record keeping, as well as putting you in a great position to see your ideas and dreams of what the DF Movement could do be put into action!

If you apply, Committee will vote on who should fill the role (there are unlikely to be many other applicants) and you may be “co-opted” into the role just after the 6th March.

If you don’t want the responsibility of a role, you can still attend Things and do many of the things listed above. The DF movement is made up of all DFs and it’s up to us to provide ideas for what we do, now and in the future. See Shape the Movement.

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The voter puts a number by each candidate, with a one for their favourite, 2 for their second favourite and so on. They can put numbers on as many or as few as they wish.

If more than half the voters have the same favourite candidate, that person is elected. If nobody gets half, the numbers provide instructions for what happens next.

The counters remove whoever came last and look at the ballot papers with that candidate as their favourite. Rather than throwing away these votes, they move each one to the voter’s second favourite candidate. This process repeated until one candidate has half of the votes and is elected.

Other proportions, for example a two thirds majority can be used.

Other terms linked to Alternative vote include: Single transferable vote

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The group of people elected at Althing (or co-opted at Regional Things) who facilitate the running of DFs. Committee vote on decisions that do not need to be made at Things.

Other terms linked to Committee include: Thing, business, Althing

'); toolTips('.classtoolTips17','A Thing is a weekend long business event where DFs discuss important issues relating to the DF movement and the wider world');