Motion 9: Friends of the Folk

This Annual General Meeting welcomes the initiative to create a ‘Friends of the Folk’ network to encourage individual and collective donations to the movement.

We consider that this should have a local as well as a movement-wide aspect.

This meeting resolves:

1   That donors should be given the option of allocating a named percentage of their donation to a named District or Lone Group.
2   That Districts and Lone Groups should be encouraged to set up local branches of ‘Friends of the Folk’ from which a named percentage of their donation would be allocated to the District or Lone Group and the remainder to national Woodcraft Folk.

Proposed by: Hackney District
Seconded by: Hackney Pandas DFs

Supporting Information:
We think that this would greatly increase the overall number of donors. For instance we know that many ‘ex-Woodies’ see Woodcraft Folk mainly in terms of the group or district that they or their children enjoyed, plus it would enable local groups to approach those who know Woodcraft Folk through local campaigns, and individual members can approach colleagues in their workplace, TU branch etc.


This is a great motion. Check

This is a great motion. Check out this leaflet from the archive. There are some really good ideas in there about how to do an effective appeal in the wider cooperative movement that we could really learn from now:

Motion 9

We are 1 movement and although a % to the district will increase motivation for getting donations this should be time limited, perhaps 50% to local district for 1st year. However, we need to increase funds to the core in order to grow.