Motion 8: Group Registration Fees 2014 (applicable to all groups other than DFs)

This Annual General Meeting Notes:

1   The 2013 registration fees are £52 per group plus £5 per child or young person.
2   For the average group of 13 children or young people this means group registration fees of £117.
3   The cost of administering and supporting a group is around £300 per year.
4   According to our governing documents a child or young person attending more than four sessions, or an overnight stay, is considered a young member of Woodcraft Folk.

This Annual General Meeting Agrees:

1   From 2014, the minimum registration fee will be £52 plus £6 per child or young person.
2   To request that from 2014 groups who can afford it make a donation in addition to their registration fee.

This meeting hopes that these donations will bring groups' contributions to the national movement as close to £300 as they can afford. This meeting welcomes donations of any size.

Proposed and seconded by: General Council

Supporting Information:
Across the country the average number of children in each group is 13 so, on average, they currently pay £117 per group - which is less than the previous fee level in 2011 of £125. However, the cost of administering and servicing Woodcraft Folk groups is in the region of £300 per group per year. It is recognised that not all groups can afford this and that it would be easier for small groups to pay a lower fixed fee together with a higher fee per child. The proposed request for an additional donation on top of the minimum fee level seeks to address both these points. If 13 continues to be the average group size in 2013, the minimum of £52 plus £6 per child will produce an average fee of £130 per group.


Motion 8

It seems this is tinkering with the group reg fee rather than addressing the issue. Many groups will question the support they get from the core, but the fact is that we do need to raise additional funds for the core and motion 6 addresses this rather than just trying to add a bit each year and hope for the best.