Motion 7: Individual Membership Fees

This Annual General Meeting notes that the fees charges to individual members have not changed for many years and are currently £25 per waged person, and £10 per unwaged or low waged member.

This Meeting sets the fees to apply from 1st June 2013 as £30 per waged person and £12 per unwaged or low waged member. All members are also encouraged to sign up for direct debit and a monthly donation according to what they feel they can afford. The minimum would be £2.50 per month for waged, and £3 every 3 months for unwaged/low paid members (monthly payments of £1 per month would be expensive in bank charges and admin time).

Proposed and seconded by: General Council

Supporting Information:
We have now assessed that the average cost of administering and servicing each member is around £25. However around 45% of our members pay the lower rate for unwaged and low paid people. It is requested that those who can afford it pay at a higher rate to help cover the shortfall in income from the unwaged and low paid, and also towards the shortfall in income from less well-off groups.


Motion 7

It seems that Gc only way of raising funds is to go to the members. Many people have not had a wage rise and the cost of living is scoring. This raise will lead to more people opting for the low waged option and reduce income. Times are hard and people often give money to their group and also pay for camps etc. This will reduce the membership and the income to the movement.