Motion 11: Badges for Group Members

This Annual General Meeting notes that a new initiative, badges for child membership, has been approved and that new badges were issued in 2012, according to the average number of children in a group. We find this initiative un-workable, as the average number of children is not the same as the full number, especially as children leave the group and new ones join during the year. Therefore, with less than the required number of badges, we find they cannot be distributed to all children, and so cannot be distributed at all. We instruct General Council to approve the sale of these badges through Folk Supply at cost plus postage – not the £5 currently charged.

Proposed and seconded by: London Region Woodcraft Folk


Motion 11

If passed people will register lower numbers and just top up with cheap badges. In group you could issue the badge after 6 weeks membership so cost of membership would have been covered, also is someone a member if gthey attend once. I don't understand why working out how many in your group is so difficult. It seems to me that this is a way of not declaring numbers and not taking responsibility for the collective movement.

We could in fact get rid of the badges and save money and staff time, they haven't been a hit in my groups.

Do you really think people would do that Danny..

I would hope that woodies running groups were not that duplicitous!? :P And according to an earlier motion someone is a member if they have attended 4 group nights, or been on an overnight stay.