Motion 10: DF Five Year Membership

This Annual General Meeting agrees that the existing five year membership fee for DFs is set at five times the annual unwaged/low paid fee. With immediate effect shall be only available to those aged 16.

Proposed and seconded by: General Council

Supporting Information:
The five year fee was always intended to only cover DFs from age 16 to 21.


Isn't the whole idea of five

Isn't the whole idea of five year membership void because of the introduction of direct debit?

I think it would still be helpful

For example I just finished a magazine subscription. A year ago I would've had the money for a longer subscription if it had been available, but right I don't have that money in my account to re-subscribe, so will have to wait till I have some more money. I agree it's not as big a deal though at all now.

Motion 10

Why limit it to 16 year olds, don'tr make sense, having money upfront will help cash flow.