Motion 9: Making a Branch Structure a legal reality

This Annual Conference notes:

  • Annual Conference 2010 instructed that the necessary constitutional amendments to ensure the Branch structure of Woodcraft Folk is made legally sustainable be brought to this Conference in 2011.
  • Subsequent legal advice to General Council is that this aim is best achieved by incorporation into a Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee.
  • The process of drawing up the necessary legal documents to incorporate is a complex one, and has not yet been completed.
  • That the structural reforms have already been delayed by a year and further delay will mean that the project will have taken almost 6 years from end to finish.

This Annual Conference believes that General Council should make moves to complete the process before Annual Conference 2012 so we are able to fulfil the wishes of Annual Conference 2010.

This Annual Conference therefore instructs General Council to call an special day conference in an accessible location in the autumn to bring the suitable new Constitutional documents.

Proposed and Seconded by: General Council

Supporting Information:

The process of limiting ourselves by guarantee will enable us to set up a new organisation so that all branches are recognised as part of a branch structure. The process involves issuing a new model district constitution and then transferring the assets of the old charity over to the new.

This would best be done by calling an special-conference to ratify the new constitution and wind-up the old one. We believe that having a special day conference to deal with this issue will allow those who wish to get involved in the process the ability to do so.

We are keen to make a move on this and whilst there is no rush, we aim to fulfill the aim of incorporating before the end of 2011. General Council believes it would not be right to present a document that was not fully democratic and therefore asks for more time to complete the process. While we know that we do not require Annual Conference's consent for an extra-ordinary meeting in the autumn we also we would like your continuing support for this process and ultimately for you decide if we need a special meeting.

Amendment (1) to Motion 9

Delete fourth bullet point and replace final two paragraphs with:

This Annual Conference therefore instructs General Council to bring suitable new Constitution documents for approval to Annual Conference in 2012.

Proposed and Seconded by: General Council