Motion 8: Include all Annual Gathering activity on the formal agenda

This Annual Conference resolves to include the informal discussion items of the Annual Gathering agenda (Workshops and Open Space Discussions) within the formal agenda of Annual Conference. In addition to this, a ‘matters arising from informal agenda’ item will be added to the Annual Conference agenda with a capacity for motions to be presented to delegates on which to vote.

This Annual Conference recognises that the constitution will be amended to adopt the changes to a branch structure charity and instructs those amending the constitution to include this aspect within their proposals.

Proposed and Seconded by: DF Committee 

Supporting information:

Motions allow Woodcraft members to suggest solutions to a problem that they have seen within Woodcraft. This system is great if one believes in the perfect solution when writing the motion. Changing the system to the above suggestion allows members to present problems to Annual Conference in order for solutions to be found from the body of Annual Gathering. In the current system, these new-found solutions must wait a year to be voted upon, and only if someone feels confident to write the motion.

Motions exclude the capacity for problems to be brought before Annual Gathering if the member who wishes to bring a problem forward, cannot find the solution.

This motion allows members to add items to the informal agenda; to ask for something to be discussed in a wider group and if a solution is found to the problem, then a motion can be voted on in the traditional fashion. It is a much more inclusive way of affecting change.