Motion 5: Group Registration fees

This Annual Conference resolves to change the group membership system from January 2012. The base group registration fee will be lowered from £125 to £50 for Woodchip, Elfin, Pioneer and Venturer groups, with an additional £5 fee per child or young person in the group. The base fee will include one free delegate place for every registered group at each Annual Conference. Each child registered will receive a membership badge and a Woodcraft diary annually.

Proposed and Seconded by: Brighton Hill Fort District and Kingswood Elfins

Supporting Information:

The revised system will be more economically beneficial for smaller groups; groups with less than 15 members will pay a smaller amount annually than the current system and larger groups will contribute more to the movement. Annual Gathering will be more accessible and inclusive, as each group will have a free delegate position, making The Woodcraft Folk more representative and democratic. The membership badge and diary for each child member will heighten the children’s ownership of the organisation and will create more of a link between the national and the local. The revised group membership system will further allow Folk Office to monitor more accurately how many members The Woodcraft Folk has.

Amendment A to Motion 5

Delete “The base fee will include one free delegate place for every registered group at each Annual Conference” and “and a Woodcraft diary annually”.

Proposed and Seconded by: Northwood Elfins

Amendment B to Motion 5

Delete all after “in the Group” (line three)

Proposed and Seconded by: Wimbledon Woodchips and Cherrywood Venturers