Motion 19: Link age of delegates to age-group represented – RULED OUT OF ORDER

This Annual Conference believes that we are a democratic youth organisation and that as such young people should be encouraged and supported to participate as much as possible. This Annual Conference agrees that delegates for Venturer and DF groups must be of the age range that they are representing and resolves to amend the Constitution as follows:

  • Add new clause Q(2) (v): ‘The delegate of a group for 13-15 year olds must be 13-15 years old and a group member as defined by Clause F(1). The delegate of a District Fellows group must be a District Fellow as defined by Clause F(2) (i).’

Proposed and Seconded by: DF Committee


Note from Standing Orders Committee:

The above motion seeks to alter the constitution. By section SO.7 (ii) of the Woodcraft Folk Standing Orders the next opportunity to amend the constitution is at the Annual Conference in 2013. This motion is therefore ruled 'Out of Order'.