Motion 18: Full and Supporter Membership – RULED OUT OF ORDER

This Annual Conference resolves that there shall no longer be the option of full or supporter membership of the Woodcraft Folk. Any member of the Woodcraft Folk will be a full member, with an additional option of whether the given member requires a CRB assessment or not. The membership form will explain that a CRB assessment is required if the individual works with children on more than one occasion per month or stays overnight with children.

Proposed and Seconded by Brighton Hill Fort District


Supporting Information:

As it stands, there is a distinction between members who do and do not work with children on The Woodcraft Folk’s membership form. The current membership form implies that if one does not work with children then one is not a full member of the organisation, thus creating a hierarchy between those people who are paying money to our movement. Furthermore, it should be noted that members can volunteer with The Woodcraft Folk without working with children, thus not requiring a CRB.


Note from Standing Orders Committee:

The effect of the above motion would be to alter the constitution, particularly the following clause:

  • Consitution - E (3) - Members aged 18 or over are required to have completed the CRB procedure and to sign the annual child protection declaration.

By section SO.7 (ii) of the Woodcraft Folk Standing Orders the next opportunity to amend the constitution is at the Annual Conference in 2013. Additionally by section V(1) of the Woodcraft Folk Constitution a motion must set out the terms of any alteration to the constitution. This motion is therefore ruled 'Out of Order'.