Motion 1: Developing Volunteers

This Annual Conference notes:

  1. The importance of having two members at each Woodcraft Folk event to ensure that the core principles of the Woodcraft Folk are at the heart of our programme
  2. That Annual Gathering 2010 raised the stakes of growing and supporting groups, by having it as a core strand of our big plan
  3. That General Council had growth and support as the second biggest priority (after finance) for the movement at their meeting in September 2010
  4. That many groups are now run by a collection of members and volunteers, and without this cooperation these groups would struggle to operate
  5. That people volunteer with the Woodcraft Folk for a variety of reasons
  6. That the issue of CRB checks and the Independent Safeguarding Authority has yet to be grasped by the movement in relation to volunteers. 

This Annual Conference instructs General Council

  1. To provide support to groups and districts by ensuring that we can call on as many people as possible to support the work they are doing
  2. To help leaders by implementing the volunteer policy agreed by General Council at their meeting in November 2010
  3. To provide a structure that will enable groups and districts to have CRB checks (and other similar checks as required) for volunteers.

Moved and Seconded by: Boveney District

Amendment to Motion 1

Delete all from the First Line until 'This Annual conference instructs General Council'

Proposed and Seconded by: Wimbledon Woodchips and Cherrywood Venturers