Peer Education as a mecanism for teaching climate science and sustainability

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Event date: 
6 July 2020 - 7:00pm - 8:00pm
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 Peer education as a mechanism for delivering climate change and sustainability education.


We will look at key contemporary resources in the context of delivering these topics to and by young people in a variety of settings. It will be useful to have completed some background reading  A good start is an article written for the National Association for Science Education EE117 by a team of woodcraft workers and volunteers. This summarises our STEM projects at a variety of camps and projects  file:///C:/Users/Margaret%20Fleming/Downloads/Best%20Practice%20Guidance%20Sustainability%20V2.pdf. This special edition of Education in Science (the house journal of the Association for Science Education ) summarises the current situation as regards sustainability education across the UK. Scotland is now a world leader in this filed and its brilliant that we have at least peer educator  based there. The following articles summarise an ‘Inquiry based learning approach’ that works well across formal and informal sectors.

This  EU project CoDeS  is also full of interesting articles  around the theme of community sustainability education


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