Northern Winter Wonderland

Event date: 
27 December 2010 - 3:00am - 30 December 2010 - 3:00am
Event location: 
Linnet Clough Scout Camp

 WHY? : Winter Wonderland is THE event of the cold dark snowy season. An event born to fill those boring days between Christmas and New Year it is fast paced and hedonistic – a melting pot of social interaction and chaotic revelry..

WHEN? : 27th - 30th December

WHERE? : Linnet Clough Scout Camp. For more info about the site contact David Hyatt ( or Daniel Stern ( 

WHO? :
The Team =
Coordinators: Daniel Stern & David Hyatt
Programme coordinator: Sort of Hannah Clarke at the mo, but she won't be attending- so if you want to take over please get in touch! 
KP: Becca Dye & Laurie Cannell

HOW? :
Generic booking forms are found here:
fill it out and send with a cheque for £65 made payable to The Woodcraft Folk to:

Daniel Stern
98 Erlanger Road
New Cross
SE14 5TH

If you would like to run a workshop, or get involved with the running of the event get in touch with either David ( or Dan (

Lastly and possibly most importantly are the themes of this epic event.... The theme nights!

Your Inner Animal-
This is what animal you believe you would be if you were reincarnated (these can include mythical creatures).. be as wild as you dare!

To celebrate the full cultural experience of Northern Winter Wonderland and your (potential or real) Northern Roots .. You have an array of choices in this ever expanding field.. Whether its a stereotypical 'northerner' or maybe a specific famous person originating from the great north, the list is endless.

Be creative people!

Love from The A Team, xx.