Lockdown Samba

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Event date: 
11 June 2020 - 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Event location: 

Join Pip Sayers (general council) for a session around samba. We will explore its origin and history as well as try our own samba beats and make our own instruments to join in!

List of materials (if you have them):
For the shaker: 
- Tupperware with sealing lid
- some dry food like rice, lentils etc 
- elastic bands depending on how well the Tupperware seals 

For other percussive noises: 
- non precious pan/s, or plastic bowls, big and/or small 
- sturdy wooden/plastic sticks (kitchen utensils, wooden spoon etc.) that will stand being used as beaters 
If you don't have all or any of the materials, don't worry, you can still participate, it’ll also work to drum on a table or hard floor with hands.
To join the session, click on the link below: