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Event date: 
6 August 2020 - 5:00pm - 6:00pm
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 Each day during our online Common Ground will be taken over by a programme centre. Thursday is all about feminism.

Travelling nowadays is one of the most valuable things, and Erika’s experience started 4 years ago as a solo traveller. In her country (Colombia) there are still some paradigms about a single woman travelling alone around the world after 35. But times are changing, and the dream life of having a husband, kids, pets and a huge house, is being replaced by a dreamt life of accomplishing goals and being free. What is important to understand, is that men and women have exactly the same right to decide how to live their lives and be happy. Today in feminism and gender equality day, Erika wants to tell you their story and what they saw and learnt during this life journey.

A workshop aimed at anyone aged 12 and above with Erika Albarracin from Colombia.

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