Activism 101 - Venturers

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Event date: 
1 February 2021 - 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Event location: 

Do you take part in social action? Locally, nationally or internationally? Are there topics and causes that you are passionate about that you could take action on such as the climate emergency, peace, refugee and migrant issues or LGBTQIA+ rights?

All Venturers (age 13-15) are encouraged to join us for a session looking at how we take part in social action and whether there are new or different ways that we can make our voices heard in society. Is marching the most effective way of making change? Or are there other ways of spreading messages to others and to governments who make the rules and systems and have the power to make bigger change? This will be an open discussion as well as a short presentation from Ros Ereira who works with Solidarity for Refugees and Amnesty International and has a wealth of experience in activism, social action and organising campaigns.


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