Woodcraft Folk Action Projects


As part of the TREE programme, Woodcraft Folk offered funding to groups who wanted to run youth-led projects to take action on social issues or local community initiatives. Over the 5 years there have been over 80 projects run across the UK, doing a range of activities from community orchards to refugee awareness. From March 2014 central funding for Action Projects is no longer available, however Woodcraft Folk encourages youth-led projects as they are a great idea for groups to do and funding could come from your local co-op or DF groups could apply to national DFs. 

Youth-led projects are about Woodcraft groups building a relationship with a local organisation or group i.e. local youth club, charity or local branch of another national organisation. The project can be created with them (campaign in local issues) or created to engage them (a community event). These should have a clear positive impact on your community such as improving a local open space or raising awareness of key local issues.

Examples of past Action Projects can be found here

To find out more on how you can start a youth-led project, have a look here

The final projects the TREE programme funded were:

  • Waltham Abby Blazing Star Pioneers were awarded funding for their project to create a plot in a local community allotment.
  • Waikiki Venturers in Waltham Forest wish to use the funds to create a mural to improve a local park.
  • Newham Watersmeet applied for the funding to help them celebrate their 80th birthday by allowing the young members of the group to organise and run a celebration community event.
  • Stanley Woodcraft were awarded the funds after making a joint bid with their local primary school to create a vegetable garden in the school grounds for all the community to use. 
  • New Malden, Tolworth & Kingston, Spelthorne and Walton on Thames have jointly applied for £1000 to develop their Friendship Campaign, which encourages positive relationships between the local community and refugees living in the area.
  • Bramble Venturers and Woodpecker Pioneers will be using the funds to organise and run a community BBQ in the summer, bringing together members of the local community.
  • Bramble Venturers want to repeat the success of their Eco Picnic two years ago so have been funded to run the event again. The event will involve the group running co-operative games for local children. 
  • Southwark aim to use the money to take a visiting group from Catalan to the Forgiveness exhibition in London.
  • Waltham Abbey and Harlow Ventures were jointly awarded the funds to run environmental workshops based around solar showers and panels.
  • Waltham Abbey, Harlow, Bromley, and Spelthorne have been funded a second time but for £1000 this time to run the children's area at the Tolpuddle Festival.