Annual Report and Accounts

Annual Reviews

From time to time the Woodcraft Folk has published "glossy" Annual Reviews to the wider membership, this shows our work, accounts and plans going forward in a more accessable way.

Audited Accounts

Below you can download copies of the audited accounts of Woodcraft Folk from 2004, if you wish to see archived accounts please contact Folk Office at

The Woodcraft Folk was founded in 1925 it has been a registered charity since 1965 and a registered company limited by guarantee since 2012.

In England and Wales the Woodcraft Folk has operated under three charity numbers since 1965:

  1. 306147 - Registered with the Charity Commission from 1965 to 1999 
  2. 1073665 - Registered with the Charity Commission from 1999 to 2012
  3. 1148195 - Registered with the Charity Commission since 2012

In Scotland the Woodcraft Folk has operated under one charity number since 2008:

  1. SC039791 - Registered with Office of the Scotish Charity Regulator since 2008 

In the United Kingdom the Woodcraft folk has operated under one company (limited by gurantee) since 2013:

  1. 8133727 - Registered with Companies House since 2012.
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Woodcraft Folk Financial Statements 2014.pdf1.97 MB
Woodcraft Folk Audited Accounts 2013 -signed by all.pdf1.53 MB
Woodcraft Folk Accounts 2012 signed.pdf201.35 KB
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