Welcome to the youth participation module!

This module will support you and your group to challenge the way the members are involved in the group.

In the module you will help Alex the Woodchip on their Woodcraft journey starting with having a say in their in the group all the way through to them being a DF and having a voice in the whole movement. The journey will be full of activities, stories, advice and links to more information along the way. Once you have done these activities please upload a short review to help those that are about to do the activity. There will also be the opportunity to upload your own activities as we know there are great activities happening every night up and down the country.

While the journey will be from age group to age group many of the activities will be suitable for all ages. You can also skip to any part of the journey any time you like.

Please select an age group and experience level from the lists below to display a selection of activities and resources.


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  2. Free play
  3. Next session planning

Story: Kirkstall Woodchips

Added useful links: Woodchip handbook101 Woodchip ideas 
Alex: “I’ve joined the Woodchips and can’t wait to get involved”