Woodcraft NCS - What was it all about?


For four years, Woodcraft Folk ran the NCS (National Citizen Service) programme for young people aged 15 to 17 in Wakefield or Bradford. NCS is a programme all about getting away from home (on residential trips!), doing really adventurous and challenging activities, meeting new people and creating a fantastic community action project to help out your local area.

Young people from any background took part and support was arranged for any young people who may have needed additional support or who have additional needs.


So, give me an example - What happened?

The first week (5 days) was a camp. It was about getting outside and getting muddy! .This would involve raft building, weaselling, walking and kayaking.

It was about getting to know who else was in their team of 15, so we also did sessions to get to know each other, NCS and Woodcraft, identity, team building, 'NCS/Woodcraft ethos' and games. Also, every good camp needed a party!

The second week (5 days) was a residential at a different location. This was more about developing skills and thinking about their local area . So, there was workshops on things like volunteering, music and exploring your local community. They started thinking about ideas to create a great social action project that will help their neighbourhood.

After these two residentials, they had 5 days as a team, to fully develop their plan for their social action project. This could be ANYTHING that they choose that had a positive impact on your own community. This was highly successful over the summer and autumn with young people creating and delivering programs. Examples can be downloaded below.

Finally they graduated from the NCS programme. It's a nationally recognised project so employers and further education establishments will recognise the achievement. 

All the session plans from the programme can be found here.

We no longer run this project, but if you would like to get in touch about our similar work then contact us at info@woodcraft.org.uk

If you want to learn more about NCS please visit www.ncsyes.co.uk

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