Getting support to grow your group

Woodcraft Folk are committed to growing the movement, to expand our reach to children and young people.

You may wish to increase the number of leaders, number of participants or set up a new group to meet the demand of existing waiting lists.

There are lots of ways you can get support to grow your group:

  • New Group Buddies are experienced Woodcrafters who can offer advice, support and motivation to new group leaders
  • Mentoring for young leaders to assist in the transition from group member to leader
  • Group twinning enabling groups to share practice, network and participate in joint events leading to greater motivation and support

Guidance and advice


Examples in more detail:

Community fairs: Twickenham recommend organising activities at community events that include free activities - simple craft activities for children to do and take home with them. A favourite is also 'What's in the tent?' - a memory game with a vango with about 20 random objects scattered inside (see attachment below). Children had one minute in the tent, then came out and had to remember as many objects as possible. We offered a £5 book token prize to the 6-9 year old and 10-12 year old who remembered the highest number of things (families had to leave contact details if they wanted their child to be considered for the prize). We followed up all the families who left details with more publicity as well as sending the prize to the two winners.

Targeted recruitment of young people: Lewisham & Greenwich spent their Hallowe'en group night visiting houses with pumpkins to provide treats and invitations to Woodcraft Folk. The children enjoyed dressing up and offering treats instead of tricks, and the adults enjoyed making contact with new families in a unique and targeted way.

Free taster evenings: Bromley offer free taster sessions to children at community events in the form of vouchers.

Online: Ealing recommend being listed on local websites e.g. ‘what's on; sections, Netmums and children's services. Ealing also have a blog that proves popular, it's great when people ask what we do to be able to direct them there and see for themselves.

Promotion in schools: Stanley run a stall at school time with publicity about all the den groups. This has brought us several new members - some who have stayed and some who have said it was not for them and left.

Spotting talented new adults: Stanley ask parents of children on their waiting list what help they can give to the group - you can sometimes unearth a new leader. This especially works if it helps get their children a place in a group.

Window dressing: Twickenham decorated Fair trade cotton bunting as part of Fair Trade fortnight and then displayed it in the local Oxfam shop window for 2 - 3 weeks with a poster explaining that it had been made by our group, together with the Woodcraft Poster with local contact details.

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