General Council members

Members of Woodcraft Folk's General Council

All members of General Council are volunteers and members of Woodcraft Folk. They're drawn from various regions and age groups of Woodcraft Folk, and include representatives of Scottish Woodcraft Folk, Gwerin y Coed (Woodcraft Folk in Wales) and District Fellows.

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Finance and General Purpose Committee


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Pat Hunter

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Tom Gower
(Vice-Chair, Chair of Staffing Committee)

Roland Susman

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Josh Hope-Collins

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Laura Hallsworth

Stuart Walker
(Lead Trustee for Safeguarding)

General Council


James Bowring

Tom Brooks

Millie Burgh

Holly Carter-Rich
(DF rep)

Brynn Copnall
(DF rep)

Lucy Faircloth
(Gwerin y Coed rep)

Nick Hallsworth
(DF rep)

Sonia Kelly

Sax Rendell

Pip Sayers
(DF rep)

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Ralph Sleigh

Claire Slocombe
(Scottish Rep)

Jack Walker

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Naomi Wilkins

Currently vacant:

- Co-operative movement representative