Follow the Trail

What does Woodcraft Folk mean to you? As a Pioneer at group night? As a DF at district camp? As a Venturer on a regional committee?

Follow the Trail was a programme that helped us all answer questions like this, so that the Woodcraft Folk experience got better all the time – whatever your age or role.

There are activities, resources, tools and templates to make reviewing and renewing the Woodcraft Folk serious fun at every level. Joining the trail at one of its many entry points and sharing what you discover along it is something we ask every group, district, region, nation, centre, project and committee to do as we reaffirm our shared values. 

Below you can download the whole programme of activities for Venturers and DFs as well as Elfins and Pioneers, including:

  • Woodcraft Crumble - create a recipe to explain what shared values make up Woodcraft Folk and how your group is unique
  • Cosmic Consequences - encouraging Pioneers to imagine how small changes can make big differences
  • Badge Game - get your Elfins to design a new badge and think about what skills they learn in Woodcraft

The activities are arranged into 6 sections, each one looking at a different aspect of Woodcraft Folk, with an introduction to start you off in each section. Any worksheets needed to run the activity are included at the end of the section. There are activities of varying length and depth so you can put a few together to form a group night plan. 

Once you've read through the activity plans, try one out with your Elfin or Pioneer group as a taster. 



Follow the Trail Elfin & Pioneer pack.pdf1.33 MB
Follow the Trail Venturer & DF pack.pdf475.48 KB