Group and district annual financial return webinar (Jan 2018)

If you've any questions regarding your financial return or you need additional support in your role as the Group or District Treasurer please email

Treasurer's Handbook

 The current Treasurer's Handbook can be downloaded below.

Finance - New Group Guidance Sheet

This guidance forms part of the New Group Journey resource.

FAQs for treasurers

Q. What does the treasurer do?

A. You can find out in the Treasurer’s Handbook.

Q. Is there a spreadsheet example that we can use for our district accounts?


Welcome to our district fundraising page! We hope it will become a central resource for Woodcraft districts looking for funds, successful applications, great projects and people with skills and time to give to our cause. For information on how you can support Woodcraft Folk through donations or fundraising, see our Supporters page.

Accounting Spreadsheet for Groups & Districts

Please find below the following documents which should help treasurers to keep financial records:

  • Blank accounts book spreadsheet, which includes guidance notes (2016 update)
  • Worked example of an accounts book spreadsheet (based on the 2015 version of accounts book) 

If you have any questions regarding the attached please contact

Financial Return forms & Guidance y/e 2017

The financial return form needs to be completed by each group/district and returned to Folk Office by the 15th February 2018.

It is very important that we receive this information in time as this information is compiled and submitted in the National accounts.

Attached below are:

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