Woodcraft Folk's achievements towards the Big Plan

Below is a summary of the achievements Woodcraft Folk has made as part of our work on the Big Plan, our organisational strategy for 2008 - 2013. This PDF includes work by a range of different Woodcraft groups, committees and teams, towards a range of Big Plan ambitions. It was displayed at Annual Gathering 2013 in celebration. 

Bigger and Better: strategic plan 2013 - 2018

Woodcraft Folk launched our new 5-year strategic plan at Annual Gathering 2013. It's focussed on growth - connecting and supporting our groups, enabling them to become more inclusive and using new methods to reach out to other communities.

It's success depends on the involvement of all our staff, trustees, younger members and volunteers - plus new members and new volunteers!-.

Werewolves (also known as Mafia)

This is a game where two teams - the villagers and the werewolves - use teamwork to develop stratagies and outwit each other. The werewolves (who keep their identity secret – and can lie if suspected) try to 'kill' all of the villagers (one each ‘night’), before the villagers can work out who the werewolves are and imprison or 'kill' them (during the ‘daytime’). The game alternates between days and nights until the last person or a team succeeds.  The villagers' aim is to have a villager as the last person standing; the werewolves' aim is that a werewolf survives to the end.

The game works best with 10-20 people plus a narrator who facilitates the game and tells the story. It can be played just sitting in a circle or around a campfire and usually takes about 30 minutes or so.

Working Groups

Woodcraft Folk are working towards eleven ambitions between 2008 and 2013, including seven main ambitions and four supporting aims. These are called the Big Plan. For each ambition, there is a group of volunteers and staff planning and delivering specific work. A member of General Council leads each working group.

The Big Plan

The Big Plan 2008 - 2013 has now been replaced by the Bigger and Better Plan 2013 - 2018

Members of Woodcraft Folk decided on five main ambitions that the organisation should work towards, locally and nationally, between 2008 and 2013. Four cross cutting ambitions were also decided, which will help us achieve the main seven. Two more main ambitions were added in 2010. 

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