Volunteer Recognition Certificate

You can use this certificate to recognise the contribution that volunteers make in your group or district. You could also use it to thank a visiting speaker, or anyone who helps your group to raise funds. The attached PDF is print-ready, so can either be run off on your own printer or printed commercially.

Hard copy certificates can also be ordered from Folk Office. Please email

PVG Disclosure forms (Scotland only)

Along with submitting either a 'Join PVG application' or 'Existing member of PVG' form for processing as Membership Secretaries (Scotland only) must complete a CRBS coversheet and Woodcraft ID declaration. 

These forms are required to confirm that you have followed the procedure and witnessed the members ID as set out by the CRBS. The coversheet is sent to the CRBS for processing and the ID declaration is retained by Folk Office. Both these forms are available for download below. 

Guidance on what ID to witness for an applicant is attached below. 

Membership Renewal Form

This form can be used by existing members of the Folk who need to renew their membership for another year. 

Alternatively members can renew their membership online

Any questions contact Folk Office 020 7703 4173 or

Safeguarding: relevant procedures and practices

Safeguarding our members is very important to Woodcraft Folk, and there are many useful documents to help us work safely and respond well to any concerns. Below are the information and procedures that guide our safeguarding, and useful forms for local groups and Districts to implement good practice.

Example group register

One of the main things a Woodcraft Folk group needs is a register to record the names and subs of each person attending each week. Below you can download an example from Stroud Valleys Woodcraft Folk. 

Child Registration Form OR Health Consent form

  • Child registration form is to be completed by a parent or carer as part of a child's induction to a group. 
  • Event specific Health & Consent forms which can be used for camps, one day events or projects. Forms should be completed in advance of taking children to events who you're taking responsibility for. 

Woodcraft Folk Expense Claim Form

Below you can download Woodcraft Folk's expense claim form, which should be used to claim reimbursement for any expenses you've incurred at national Woodcraft activities, where you know reimbursement is available. 

Under 16 membership

Young people under 16 can become members of national Woodcraft Folk for free. Becoming a member means you'll receive the monthly e-newsletter, an invitation to Annual Gathering (the Woodcraft Folk AGM) and lots of other news and opportunities from around the Folk.

Template Risk Assessment

Below you can download editable template Risk Assessments, for use when planning activities and events. Use this in conjunction with your Health and Safety Policy and the Accident Report form

The Word version is a straightforward risk assessment that will meet the minimum requirements if completed correctly and shared with volunteers supporting the activity.

Accident Report form

Below you can download a template Accident Report form for use at Woodcraft camps and events. 

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