Group Leaders

Membership Application Form

To become a member of the Woodcraft all you need to do is complete the attached application form and return to our head office with fee (£30.00 waged, £12.00 low income or free for those aged between 13-16 years).

We've created a NEW membership form which we hope you find more user friendly then last. Please ensure to print  it double sided and fold into 3 to produce a leaflet style handout. 

Public liability Insurance Certificate

Policy Number: RKL23407/03/830


  • Effective date of insurance: 23rd March 2017
  • Expiry of period of insurance: midnight 22nd March 2018

Our policy insures Woodcraft Folk against legal liability arising in connection with our activities up to a limit of liability of £5,000,000.

New content added to the site

Mike and Ralph (and others) reviewing the content they added to the website during the training session

Training at the website launch

Jon introducing group leaders to the new online membership database at the website launch

Exploring the new website

Jake, a London Venturer, exploring the new website with Claire (Leicester) and Tracy (Bromley) at the launch

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